Masquerade … a saga in three parts

masked girl 2

This is a massive book in terms of scope and length – around 1500 pages, it’s a saga or rather an interconnected series of many short tales on a theme.  Begun in 1996, it was really only completed in 2018 – you’ll find far greater detail here.

It’s essentially commentary on most human issues and political situations we encounter, written into an action-thriller-erotic romance-horror.

As for the plot, it’s the story of a man embarking on a grand adventure but people see him coming, they have their own agendas, they all wear masks – everyone wears a mask and it’s rare to find someone of integrity behind that mask.

He and others are swept up in events in a changing political landscape in Europe, they learn things they should not and are forced to flee across the continent, hidden by sympathetic citizens, then betrayed and forced to flee again.

When their closeknit group turns out to be not so closeknit, it’s time to go on the offensive.

The longer explanation is at the end of that link.

Some administrative notes

Reading a book online is not easy, so Masquerade is designed to be read vertically on an iPad or similar, each chapter navigating to the next.  No iPad?  Feel free to transfer text to another medium in order to read it more easily.

The pictures or sketches in this online version are NOT for commercial use, they only exist to give online readers a rough idea.


1 thought on “Masquerade … a saga in three parts

  1. Because this has been transferred from Blogger to WordPress, I didn’t want to lose the few comments so have posted them below:

    # James, I finished reading Obsession [now Russia] yesterday. It was a nice read, but I must confess to feeling a bit jealous of Hugh. Blame it on my carnality. The ending was quite unexpected, just the way I like novels to be.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a blog. Heaven knows there are plenty of them and I am not interested in competing with anyone else. The important questions are can I bring something of interest to myself and perhaps others on a regular basis and avoid the prideful illusion that my thoughts are of value. Yeah, I think too much! Again thanks for your blog, the depth and breadth is amazing, fascinating, and stimulating. [Bill Gable Boiling Springs, PA., USA]

    # James, Just finished with Lemmings [now France] and wanted you to know I enjoyed it very much. First novel I’ve read that provided sailing lessons! Take care . [Bill Gable – Mad Piper]

    # James, I just finished re-reading the third volume. The re-write made for an even better novel. The resolution was less enigmatic than the original and more satisfying. Later, Bill. [Bill Gable – Mad Piper]

    # Hi James, did you do really do it? 🙂 Proud of knowing you personally! [Mr. Kosov]

    # ‘Excuse me,’ he asked quickly, lest they walked past and out of his life, Reminded me of that line from The Great Gatsby. Good work. [Anonymous]

    # Read a bit, but I find the space between paras off-putting as opposed to traditional book style indentation. That may sound silly but there it is. Could perhaps get used to it. I will read some more though. [Andrew MacLaren Scott]


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