Masquerade … a saga in three parts

You’ll find this summary in far greater detail here.

masque girl front pageThis is a story of someone biting off more than he can chew, embarking on a grand adventure he thinks he can handle but instead finding himself co-opted into other people’s agendas and those agendas can get quite murderous.

Not just him either but anyone associated with him is also swept up in events in a changing political landscape in Europe, which forces this ragtag of strange bedfellows to flee across Europe, hidden by sympathetic citizens, but with the shadow government out for revenge over some imagined or inadvertent offence – it takes two and a half books to finally understand what this is all about.

And all the while in this hothouse atmosphere, no one they meet is for real, everyone wears a mask and betrayal can be smiling at you, right before your eyes.

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